This 13 track album was released in May, 1997 and contained 5 new songs in addition to 8 remixed tracks from the HIStory album. The album went on to become the best selling remix album of al time.

Due to the fact that Michael was on the History world tour at the time of recording the album, many of the tracks were recorded and mixed in countries around the globe such as Sweden, Switzerland and Germany.

The album was originally planned to be a promotional tool for the European leg of the HIStory tour, and for this reason was not widely publicized in most of the world. The album ended up being widely successful around the globe, despite the low promotions, with the album and/or the title single reaching #1 in over 10 countries.

There were two singles released for this album. The first one 'Blood On The Dance Floor' was released around the world, and the second single 'History/Ghosts' was released in Europe and Australia.

2 of the tracks, "Ghosts" and "Is It Scary" were used in the 39 minute short movie Ghosts.

To date the Blood On The Dance Floor album has sold 6 million copies world wide.

Album Track listings:
1. Blood On The Dance Floor
2. Morphine
3. Superfly Sister
4. Is It Scary
5. Scream Louder - Flyte Time Remix
6. Money - Fire Island Radio Edit
7. 2 Bad - Refugee Camp Mix
8. Stranger In Moscow - Tee's In-House Club Mix
9. This Time Around - D.M Radio Mix
10. Earth Song - Hani's Club Experience
11. You Are Not Alone - Classic Club Mix
12. History - Tony Moran's History Lesson
Singles released and highest Chart Positions US UK
Blood on the Dance Floor

Music Videos that accompanied released singles.
Blood On The Dance Floor
Ghosts - features footage from the Ghosts movie.

Blood On the Dance Floor Album Cover
Blood On the Dance Floor Album

Released: May 20th 1997

Produced by: Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Bill Bottrell, Dallas Austin, David Foster, Janet Jackson and R. Kelly.

Label: Epic

Sales: 6+ million

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