Music and Me Album
This was the third solo album for Michael Jackson with Motown Records, all 3 of which were released with 15 months.

Michael was now 14 years old and his voice was beginning to change on this album. It was also the start of the time when Michael was beginning to want more input into his music in terms of playing instruments and contributing to some of the song writing. However Motown would not allow Michael to express any of this creativity.

The album was given little promotion, with only the Stevie Wonder cover "With a Child's Heart" being released in the U.S and the Smokey Robinson penned track "Happy" which was also theme to "Lady Sings the Blue" released in the UK. Both of which failed to chart high.

Album Track listings:
1. With a Child's Heart
2. Up Again
3. All the Things You Are
4. Happy (a theme from Lady Sings the Blues)
5. Too Young
6. Doggin' Around
7. Johnny Raven
8. Euphoria
9. Morning Glow
10. Music and Me
Singles released and highest Chart Positions US UK
With a Child's Heart


Music and Me Album Cover (from
Michael Jackson Music and Me Album

Released: April 13th 1973.

Produced by: Hal Davis.

Label: Motown

Michael is shown playing a guitar on the cover of this album although he was not credited with playing any instruments on the album.


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