7 Inch Singles

The vast majority of Michael's hit singles would have been released on 7 inch vinyl records, way back from his earliest hits with the Jackson 5, right up until Cry 2001, certainly.

7 inch vinyl's and records in general are popular with collectors as they show what the music would have sounded like when it was originally released to the public. The record covers also often depicted photos of Michael. Some singles were released in different colour vinyl's. Most popular is the 9 red vinyl pack which features singles from the "Off the Wall" and "Thriller" albums. There are also other colour vinyl's in blue, yellow and green.

Some records were also released as picture vinyl's. Of those the Bad Souvenir pack of 6 singles which combined show a complete picture of Michael Jackson from the Bad tour.

Some of the vinyl's covers would feature the lyrics to the songs.


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